SPNThe Sustainable Poultry Network is all about creating local and regional food movements, specifically with standard bred, heritage poultry for meat and eggs! We believe that the very best poultry for the kitchen tables of American families are the traditional, heirloom breeds that are recognized by the American Poultry Association. We also believe that if we are going to preserve the heritage breeds of chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, we must get them back to their production qualities.

Although backyard poultry flocks are very important to us, our priority is the small to medium size farms who are interested in producing poultry that are productive and profitable. To see Standard Bred poultry “put back to work for what they were originally developed for!” – Prior to the mass production of fast growing poultry, the New Hampshire and Delaware chickens were the top two meat breeds that fed the mouths of millions of people. Today, you seldom ever hear of “dual purpose breeds” being used for meat.

Today’s “hatchery poultry” are no longer producing for profit! SPN is committed to restoring these birds back to production. To see a Rhode Island Red doing what it was suppose to do! Seeing a Barred Plymouth Rock producing the beautiful meat that it once did.

The poultry that we are committed to breeding, growing and marketing are those that can naturally reproduce and be genetically maintained, they are capable of enjoying outdoor pasture and grow at a normal slow growth rate! Slow growth means strong skeletal structure, normal organ development, more muscle and texture to the meat, more nutrient and genetic strength with strong immunities. These are the kinds of birds our grandmothers raised for many generations!