Rotating Laying Hens

ABSL_chickensRaising organic laying hens profitably requires that the hens be rotated out of the flock at 18 months, due to the decreased production and the price of organic feed (currently $27.00 for 50 lbs. compared to $15.00 for conventional, GMO feed). We plan on selling our laying hens every six months.  These are organic birds that were rotationally raised on Foggy Hollow Farm’s pastures, on organic grain from Windy Acres, with OMRI-approved minerals and oyster shells.  They should lay for two more years (or more!), maybe 3 or 4 eggs a week.  They will be different breeds, depending upon which birds will be rotated.
If I don’t sell them for laying, they will be processed for stew birds or go to the compost pile (that being my preferred order).  With that being how we rotate birds out of production, rotating birds in to production is a five-month process.