About Standard Bred Poultry

The poultry that we are committed to breeding, growing and marketing are those that can naturally reproduce and be genetically maintained, they are capable of enjoying outdoor pasture and grow at a normal slow growth rate. Slow growth means strong skeletal structure, normal organ development, more muscle and texture to the meat, more nutrient and genetic strength with strong immunities.That is why we follow the Core Values of the Sustainable Poultry Network. And, yes, we are USDA certified organic!
heritageChickensCore Values

Unlike most poultry today, which are genetically engineered to grow quickly and raised in unnatural confinement, all our heritage poultry are raised with these values:
Standard Bred Poultry: Farmers involved in the Sustainable Poultry network, must be breeding flocks of standard bred poultry. Genetic lines must trace back multiple generations; and exhibit traits that meet the standard guidelines for breed. Flocks will be certified by an SPN certified coach.
Natural Outdoor Environment: The Sustainable Poultry Network is committed to allow the birds to behave naturally and to allow them the opportunity to perform natural and instinctive behaviors essential to their health and well-being including daily access to natural, outdoor pasture.
Local Sustainable Farming: Farmers involved in the network are committed to local poultry farming that promotes and encourages sustainability. This is defined by selling our poultry products locally, by raising poultry that can reproduce, and is local and not dependent on “outside breed resources” to provide eggs, chicks and/or poults to our farms. We are committed to preserving genetics that are reproducible at the local farm. Commercial/industrialized hybrids are not permitted.
Commitment to Provide Training, Coaching & Mentoring for Farmers: Farmers involved in the Sustainable Poultry Network, are committed to networking with other local farmers. Within the local networks, farmers receive ongoing education, training for understanding, coaching for implementation and mentoring for multiplication. Our goal within is to reproduce other local, sustainable-poultry farmers who are self- supporting.

Welfare of the Bird
Farmers in the network must be committed to the welfare standards of the Sustainable Poultry Network. Farmers will be distinguished by a humane and conscientious attitude toward the birds in their care as well as by housing and husbandry. The premise of our welfare standards is that animals are allowed to behave naturally, ensure social interaction, comfort, and physical and psychological well-being. Within our standards we believe that genetics play a very significant role in the welfare of all breeds of poultry; the best welfare for the bird is for them to be standard bred.
Proper Health: Educating Chef’s and Consumers of the Flavor and Nutritional Benefits: Within the network we believe this statement: “We must eat these birds to keep them alive!” This means that we must provide training, coaching and mentoring specifically for those who prepare the birds for eating; both chefs and the consumers. We also must inform everyone involved in the national movement of the nutritional differences between genetically engineered poultry and historical, heirloom breeds. We are also committed to equipping farmers, producers and chefs with effective marketing skills to be successfully profitable within their sustainable poultry business.